A Automatic Watering System for Tomato Plants Based on Soil Moisture Detection

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Supriyanto Praptodiyono


Water is the main element of growth for tomato plants; a further suitable watering system of the plants should be taken into consideration. Tomato plants require water that is under ideal soil moisture conditions so the plants can continue to flourish. Problems occur during the dry season; farmers must pay extra for watering. In order to address the problem, an automatic tomato plant watering system is needed. The system should streamline the use of water as well as the energy and costs of farmers in tomato cultivation. This research aims to find out the watering system prototype to tomato plants that use the solar cell as the energy supplier. The system used a control system with Arduino UNO as soil moisture levels detection. A DC pump is connected to the control system to supply water when law level soil moisture detected. Experiments were done to test the prototype using 25 tomato plants. The results showed the system could control soil moisture 65% - 90% and streamline water usage by 24.71 liters per month. The 50 Wp Solar Cell can charge 20 Ah battery with an average charging current of 0.78 A, and the charging time is 7 hours per day.

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